Cassie Wherry Wherry

Profile Updated: October 7, 2019
Residing In: Grinnell, IA USA
Children: I have a 15 year old boy... Mitchell
Occupation / Where you work:

I work at the Grinnell College Bookstore in Grinnell, Iowa. I have been the manager for 27 years. These colleges students keep me young... I hope.


I finally have my very own dog! Pita Von Brat. She is perhaps Chihuahua and Dachshund. She gets on well with my 3 cats.


My son is only 15! Not for awhile, let's hope.

Update us on your life since graduation:

Since I've been in Grinnell for 27 years that keeps things fairly consistent as far as work news. I like the town of Grinnell. It has a population of 9000 with an excellent college atmosphere. It is a slow paced, safe place to raise my son. They seem to have great schools.

My son, Mitchell, started high school this year. He is my joy. He was diagnosed with Aspbergers 3 years ago. He is amazingly intelligent, insightful and quirky. I love to debate with him.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

I recently was able to visit a friend's thoroughbred horse farm in Kentucky where they happen to have a yearling half brother to the Triple Crown winner. I plan to visit there often as my new hobby! I visit my friends in Ames. I do all kinds of things with my son. He's a great traveler. I discovered how much I love urban chickens. I don't have a coop yet, but maybe some day.

Do you still see/talk to/hang out with any classmates? Who?

I still spend time with Laura Besch Bauer, Jana Tschopp, Cathi Adams and all those I keep in touch with on Facebook. Last year, I was in New Orleans on business and met up with Tom Mulleady for drinks. This year, I just happened to be in Atlanta at the same time as Jane Makastaad and Mike Ryan. We were within a block of each other but I was on business and couldn't meet up. It is such a small world!

Favorite high school memory:

Now I can tell this one. Laura Besch and I harassed poor Todd Egland by calling him on the phone and pretending to be a woman that knew him. It made him crazy because he didn't remember her and he couldn't figure out who was pranking him. It all worked out after the big reveal because Laura and Todd dated for a couple years. A few years ago they reunited and are together again! This time, I think it is forever.

My favorite high school memories will have to remain between me and one other person!

Share an interesting adventure, accomplishment or place you visited:

My most recent adventure was spending a few days with an old 4-H horse project friend in Kentucky, She and her husband have a large thoroughbred mare and foal operation there. I was up before dawn running to various farms with her and the Vet to check for pregnancies and/or timing the trips to visit the "breeding shed". Once all the foals are born and the mares are pregnant they concentrate on preparing yearlings for sale. I had never been to Kentucky before. The Lexington area is just gorgeous! The horse farms are absolutely picturesque! I think I might have found my next career.

How often do you get back to Ames? Do you still have family there?

I might get to Ames once a month to have fun with Laura Besch Bauer and her mom. I had a great time at the winery last year with Laura, Todd Egland, Jana Tschopp and Todd Hageman.

Future dreams or ambitions:

I dream about being at Mitchell's college graduation, his wedding, holding my grandkids....Hopefully in that order! I hope to retire in good health with enough money to be comfortable with a little extra to travel or at least go south for the winter. I dream of growing old with my soul mate at my side, still holding hands and laughing often.

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